More Accidents…

Way back in June of 2012, I was shooting what would have been my fourth Terminal Service music video when the actress (and dear family friend) Meredith Ciccone hurt her ankle jumping out a window.

Why did she jump out the window, you ask?

Let’s just say we were both enthusiastic about getting the shot, however, being the adult, I should have pursued a less dangerous concept.

Consequently, production stopped.

And so for a year, the footage sat in my hard drive. A constant reminder of the importance of being safe on set.

Just last week, I got an idea to marry the existing footage with classic B-movie horror trailers. In a sense, making it a B-movie horror trailer.

More Accidents is one of my favorites tracks off the Terminal Service record and relieved all the hard work we put into shooting this “lost” music video wasn’t in vain. (There will be no more accidents on my sets, that’s for sure.)

More Accidents

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