Coyote Love – Blame It (Official Music Video)

It’s finally finished.

What began last January, the Coyote Love music video for the Jamie Foxx cover, “Blame It,” is finally in the can after three nights of shooting and many, many hours of editing.

Hank Wagner of his coyote posse recorded the track as well as the other songs in the soon to be released Coyote Love “Blues Series” at Pancake Studios deep in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The video features “The Turk.” A super famous, mega successful rock star out for the night. After hearing some great news from his manager, he decides to celebrate. Bouncing out of his SUV, he passes a flyer girl handing out flyers for a Coyote Love gig in the ‘hood. Music and festivities ensue.

The video was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II and using 35mm and 50mm 1.4 lenses. This was the first shoot that I employed the Opteka Shoulder Rig. Great rig. Not too heavy so perfect for long shoots.

This was also the first shoot that I used the the Konova Slider. Used right, this slider can add a lot of production value to your shots. However, it’s tricky. It takes time to set-up and requires a very steady hand to get those smooth shots. Patience is required but the payoffs are worth it.

This is the second music video from the Coyote Love “Blues Series.” The first, “Bettin’ Dirty Water” was released a few months ago:

And soon up is the “Bettin’ Dirty Water” documentary. A twenty minute film about the making of the Coyote Love “Blues Series.”

One response to “Coyote Love – Blame It (Official Music Video)

  1. Due to the low-budget, indie nature of the projects we have begged Atom to sign on to, twice now Atom has had to work with us in adverse circumstances and a with painful lack of resources. He has come through like a night in shinning armor for us, both times, and struck gold! Thank you Atom. You are a rare talent. We are blessed to work with you.

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