Wait, you guys recorded a Go Go’s cover?


T&A has been quiet since the release of our 2010 EP Ferocious Love.

Wait, what’s T&A?

A musical collaboration spanning nearly 15 years and 3500 miles.

Tanuja Desai Hidier and I met via a Village Voice ad I placed back in 1999 looking for a lead singer. The band we formed was called Io and lasted two years before Tanuja married and moved to London.

However, a few years later, with the release of her novel Born Confused, we reunited to work on songs for the accompanying soundtrack for the book, or “booktrack,” called When We Were Twins released in 2004.

In 2006, we released Starcrossed. A collection of odds and ends from the previous years as well as a few songs from When We Were Twins.

And then in 2010, Ferocious Love was completed.

Since that release, we’ve been quietly prepping new songs for the “booktrack” for Tanuja’s upcoming novel due out next year.

But earlier this summer, we took a slight break from our back-and-forth e-mail songwriting to submit songs for a movie. Can’t really say what movie yet, as it’s all still a little hush-hush, however, one of the songs we were asked to record was a cover of The Go Go’s song Head Over Heels written by Charlotte Caffey and Kathy Valentine.

Our recording wasn’t chosen for the movie so I thought it best to post it up on the blog so it could have a little life considering the amount of work we put into it.

Tom Choi co-produced the track with me as well as programmed most of the drums. Dave Sharma sang some background vocals and ma femme, Jeannie Kim, played violin.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at my studio Rudolf Zon’s Music Shop.

I admit this is a rather strange interpretation of what is basically a simple pop song. The idea was to take the lyrics, which could be construed as manic and a bit depressive, and try to make the music more suited to that manic depression. The outro came about from the myriad of acoustic guitar parts that I wrote when the song was originally going be more acoustic sounding. It deviated slightly from that by the end.

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