$25 a second…Production Blog Part 4

Time’s a ticking on the deadline to get the trailer announcement for Azrelmelda: The Witch Warrior in the can and added to the Indiegogo fundraiser.

January 15th is that deadline.


I need at least three months for the fundraiser to do its work. That’ll put us in the middle of March to then use those funds to jump start production, which would have been well under way. Then, if all the pieces fall as they should, we’ll start shooting mid to late April.

Another reason is that I’ll be shooting Coyote Love’s next music video on January 15th for the Jamie Foxx cover, “Blame it.”

This shoot will be the largest and most complicated thus far. The basic concept is a night at a Lower East Side bar. Hank Wagner, Mr. Coyote himself, will be inviting hordes of people to the bar for what will essentially be an all day shoot. Part comedy, with a dash of satire and a pinch of downtown New York night life, this video should be a howl.

However, before any of that, I need to shoot and cut the trailer for the short film.

This past weekend, Rose and I hopped into a Zipcar and drove up to Beacon, NY. My friend Harley Fine, owner and operator of Super 70 Studio, recently moved there and I thought it might be a good location to get some footage. After spending about an hour in the woods trying various ideas, it was obvious it wasn’t going well. There was snow on the ground and the afternoon sun was shining right above us. To say it was really, really bright. Plus it was cold. And Rose, after being stuck in the house all week, was overjoyed to be out in the snow and running around with Harley’s dog, Omar. She wasn’t quite in the head space to be playing Azrelmelda and I really couldn’t blame her.

So when we finally got home and I uploaded the footage, I found I had 6 and a half seconds of usable footage for the trailer. To rent the Zipcar plus gas, it cost $160. 160/6.5=24.61. $25 a second.

Welcome to the movie business.

Rose and Omar.

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