Atom Fellows is currently seeking representation for Make A Move On Me, an 75,000-word work of literary fiction, about a flailing screenwriter who crossdresses his way into the world of New York City transvestite nightlife to spark a glitter bomb of ideas for a new script but ends up discovering that the real story was himself.

Make A Move On Me is the dimly lit but all revealing odyssey of one Julian Novak, who flees to NYC in self-imposed exile from Los Angeles after his girlfriend Courtney, ditches him for that rich tech boy she sped-wed in Vegas a few years prior, or maybe it was the burnt remains of the little peach house in South Gate? Doesn’t matter. Julian creates the persona of Olivia, a devil-may-care post-gender radical hedonist, and begins to probe the secrets of NYC’s trans-universe for a new story. Discovering love, becoming royalty, and even getting kidnapped along the way, Olivia eventually takes on a life of her own, and through her Julian begins to peel back the scars and scabs of long buried traumas, each layer only exposing another one underneath.  Why did his parents hide him away in the basement with Ciocia for the first eight years of his life? And what were the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of his older brother, Mikey?

Make A Move On Me is a tragicomedy written in the silvery sheen of Warhol’s Factory-Era high drama and laced with the denizens of an underworld setting as freaky and fashionable as a Fellini dreamscape. A salty torch song for the gender-bending creatures of the night.