Atom Fellows is currently seeking representation for Make A Move On Me, an 75,000-word work of adult literary fiction, about a screenwriter who crossdresses his way into the world of New York City transvestite nightlife to spark a glitter bomb of ideas for a new script but ends up discovering that the real story was himself.

Make A Move On Me is the dimly lit but all revealing odyssey of one Julian Novak, who, after fleeing to NYC in self-imposed exile from Los Angeles, creates the persona of Olivia, a devil-may-care post-gender radical hedonist, and begins to probe the secrets of NYC’s trans-universe for a new story. Along the way she discovers love, becomes royalty, gets herself kidnapped and even beat up by a senator! Eventually taking on a life of her own, Olivia begins to peel back the scars and scabs of long buried traumas, each layer only exposing another one underneath.  

Make A Move On Me is a tragicomedy written in the silvery sheen of Warhol’s Factory-Era high drama and laced with the denizens of an underworld setting as freaky and fashionable as a Fellini dreamscape. A salty torch song for the gender-bending creatures of the night.