Bombay Spleen…

A long time ago I met Tanuja Desai Hidier.  She wasn’t Desai Hidier yet.  Just Desai.  I placed an ad in the Village Voice looking for a singer.  I met 56 singers.  Tanuja was the 57th.  I knew Tanuja was going to be the singer when we shook hands.  I had known a few people before whom I have had musical chemistry with and I knew what it felt like.  Tanuja and I were bound for a colorful and chaotic collaboration.  io

It started with Io.  The band I needed a singer for.  Io was a confused band.  Fighting between early eighties post punk and seventies arena rock.  Our shows were blitzes of frenetic rhythms, distorted open chords and Tanuja screaming to be heard above the fray.  Then, we added a violinist.  Io lasted about fifteen months before Tanuja married and became Desai Hidier and moved to London.

The rock star pursuit of my life ended and I built a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn opening for business in 2004.  Just as that was happening, Tanuja published her first novel Born Confused and contacted me about helping to record a booktrack for it.

When We Were Twins was released the same year.  Five of the albums fourteen tracks were written by Tanuja and I under our new title T&A.

Since that time, T&A has written and recorded whenever the ocean between us closed enough to bring us together.  One of our projects, and my personal favorite, is the Ferocious Love EP from 2010.

But Tanuja has been a busy bee since then writing a new novel that was released this week.  Bombay Blues continues the story of her character Dimple Lala as she heads to Bombay for a family wedding.

tanujadesaihidierAnd once again, T&A wrote six songs for the book’s accompanying booktrack.  Produced by Dave Sharma, Bombay Spleen was released this week along with the book.

Out of all the work Tanuja and I have created over the past twelve years, these songs are the ones I am most proud of.  So far.  Many thanks and congratulations to Dave Sharma for doing a magnificent job on production and to all of the other songwriters and musicians who worked on the album.  I am grateful to have been a part of this energetic collaboration and look forward to the next.